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Spherical surface turning lathe

C6555 Series Spherical turning lathe:

Spherical turning lathe, is also called ball turning lathe, external spherical surface turning lathe or globe lathe machine. Spherical turning lathe is mainly used for spherical outside surface, inner surface and the ball on shafts machining. The process range of spherical diameter is 550mm - 1800mm.Our company developed the spherical lathe according to the market demand, mainly used for the outer ball of the ball rough machining, finish grinding. It also can be used as a common lathe, such as turning cylindrical, bore, end and so on.
In China, we are the most professional spherical turning lathes manufacturer. Our factory has the best technical support team. The spherical surface turning lathe will be customized according to differernt requirements.

The detail pictures of spherical turning lathe:

Technical Parameters:

ITEM UNIT C6555 C6595 C65160 C65180
Max. Dia. of spherical mm 550 900 1600 1800
Min. Dia. of spherical mm 50 260 1000 1200
Dia. of spindle hole mm 100 130 100 100
Taper of hole of spindle mm 120 140 140 140
No. of spindle speeds   18 21(12) 21(12) 21
Range of spindle speeds r/min 6~800 3.15~315 3.15~315 3.15~315
Spindle reverse speeds r/min 11~838 3.5~291 3.5~291 3.5~291
Swivel angle of toolpost ° ±90 ±90 ±55 ±55
Main power kw 11 22 30 30
Weight t 4.4 12 25.4 27.4
Length mm 3725 4700 6120 6220
Width mm 1280 2500 2620 2720
Height mm 1690 2000 2520 2620

Features of steel ball turning lathe:

(1). The lathe bed adopts rectangular guide rails which with the best stability.
(2). The lathe spindle is of high precision which with 3 support structure.It can support heavy cutting.
(3). Operation is easy for workers.
(4). The rotary center line of the tool holder intersected with the rotating center line of the workpiece in order to ensure the roundness.
You just need provide your workpiece and we will especially design precision lathe for you.


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+86 372 3700288
+86 372 3700288

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