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Spherical Turning Lathe

Spherical surface turning lathe

Spherical surface turning lathe

C6555 Series Spherical turning lathe: Spherical turning lathe, also called ball turning lathe, external spherical surfac...

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  • Description of spherical turning lathe:

    The spherical lathe is mainly used for the spherical surface and the ball valve machining. The process range of spherical diameter is 550mm - 1800mm, it can realize grinding and other works. The bed adopts rectangular guide rail with good stability and rigidity.

    The function of ball turning lathe:

    Spherical turning lathe, also called ball turning lathe, external ball surface turning lathe or globe lathe machine, is mainly used for spherical outside surface, inner surface and the ball on shafts machining. Our company developed the spherical lathe according to the market demand, mainly used for the outer ball of the ball rough machining, fine grinding. It also can be used as a common lathe, such as turning cylindrical, bore, end and so on.

    Customize the lathe according to different requirements:

    To meet a variety of spherical parts processing requirements, the dimensional accuracy, surface quality, low production costs and some other requirements, we developed the spherical turning lathe models as follows: C6555, C6595, C65160, C65180, etc. the largest diameter of the workpiece body φ940-φ2500mm, the largest diameter of the processing ball φ550-φ1800 mm, the smallest diameter of the processing sphere φ50-φ1200mm.


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    +86 372 3700288
    +86 372 3700288

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