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Piston Lathe

High Precision Piston lathe

High Precision Piston lathe

High Precision CNC Piston Lathe: ADG15P CNC Piston Lathe is an important product of major scientific and technological p...

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  • Manufacturing process of piston:

    Cylindrical turning-Finish turning piston skirt buttom-Turning piston pin bore-Chamfer-Drill inner oil hole-Grooving and finish piston crown-Finish turning ring grooves-Combustion chamber-Finish turning cylindrical- Rough bore-Milling valve pit-  Turning check ring groove- Rolling pin hole.

    Piston lathe description:

    According to “National science and technology major special project-ADG series high speed turning center” requirements, our company designed the AD15P CNC lathe special for piston. We used the idea of modularization design, the lathes can be customized according to customers’ requirement. The veracity of design has been improved with 3D CAD and CAE tools analysis. The lathe can be widely used in electronic equipment manufacturing, motorcycle military aerospace and other fields.

    Main advantages:

    The lathes application 15 "a large display with FANUC 31 I control system,, ultra-high speed dealing with large control program, to the nanometer level as the unit of the calculation precision and the most advanced technology, to realize high speed servo, high precision machining.
    According to different machine piston parts, fixtures, the piston design special to ensure the processing precision. This machine adopts double linear servo positioning precision linear the frame, high frequency response is high, the driving force reflect big, can any material of the piston cutting.


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    +86 372 3700288
    +86 372 3700288

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