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Automatic production line of
CNC lathe and pipe threading lathes.

HIgh efficiency Mini CNC lathe machine

Good news!

                   -Mini CNC lathe CK0632 only costs USD 7000
We have a finished mini CNC lathe CK0632 now, which is made for another customer. However, the customer’s company went bankrupt a few days ago. Therefore, we are going to sell the the machine just with USD 7,000 and can arrange the delivery once receive payment.
Please note that the machine is equipped with hydraulic chuck 6", electric tool holder, linear guide and GSK system.

Come first, serve first!

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mini cnc lathe machines:

The small lathe adopts the mechanical and electrical integration design, which with reasonable structure, widely application, simple operation and beautiful appearance. It can achieve automatic control, automatically process a variety of parts of the inner and outer ring, end face, slot, any conical surface, spherical and other public Inch cylinders, taper threads, etc.

Technical parameters:

Specifiction Unit CK0632 CK0640 CK0660 CK6132 CK6136
Swing diameter over bed mm 200 320 320 320 360
Swing diameter over table mm 80-150 90-150 80-150 160 200
Row of knife number   4--8 4--8 4--8 4--8 4--8
Spindle bore mm 38 49 89 60 60
Spindle speed r/min 100-2500 100-2100 100-1800 150-2200 150-2200
Cross stroke mm 380 260 380 260 260
Max.length of production mm 260 500 260 750 750
Rapid traverse mm/min X:5000 Z:6000
Power of main motor kw 3 3 3 5.5 5.5
N.W. kg 800 900 950 1700 1700
L*W*H mm      1500*1000*1500 1980*1400*1650
Control system                        customized require (GSK/SIEMENS/FUNUC)

Advantages of small cnc lathes:

1. High precision (processing accuracy 0.01mm). Repeat positioning(0.01mm)
2. Rail surface is by supersonic frequency quenching.
3. The dynamic performance is excellent.
4. The operation is easr for workers
5. Every lathe can configure automatic feeding device whichcan achieve fully automation.


Main configuration:

  1. CNC system:GSK928, servo motor and drive
  2. 3-jaw chuck
  3. Four station electric tool post
  4. Manual tailstock
  5. LED light 
  6. Spindle center, live center
  7. Cooling system
  8. Lighten system
  9. Automatic lubrication system 


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+86 372 3700288
+86 372 3700288

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