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Automatic production line of
CNC lathe and pipe threading lathes.

Heavy duty lathe machines

Heavy duty lathe machine:

The heavy duty lathe including CNC heavy duty lathe and conventional heavy duty lathe:
Heavy duty lathe pertain to large scale horizontal lathe. Heavy duty lathe is suitable for processing large size workpiece up to maximum. The spindle of heavy duty lathe is driven by high power motor. Heavy duty lathe could achieve high precision heavy cutting at low rotational speed. The bearing capacity of heavy duty lathe is between 16 tons and 63 tons. The heavy duty lathe including CNC heavy duty lathe and conventional heavy duty lathe: CNC heavy duty lathes: This CNC heavy-duty lathe belongs to horizontal lathe, which is not only apply for different materials of shaft parts, cylindrical and disc-shaped parts, but also widely used for boring, car boring inside and outside the cone, and a variety of threads. The lathe has advantages such as best adaptability, high efficiency, high precision and high quality.
Conventional heavy lathes: This machine tool belongs to heavy lathe machine, the maximum bearing-load is 16/32 tons, and it adopts the rectangular guide rail, which can be able to cut the end section of all kinds of parts, outer circle, inner hole and metric system, English system, modulus, state thread.




CNC heavy lathe:

ITEM UNIT CKH61125/61160/61200/61250(16t/32t/63t)
CAPACITIES Swing over bed mm 1250/1600/2000 1600/2000/2500
Swing over carriage mm 900/1250/1600 1250/1600/2200
Max.length of workpiece mm  3000~12000 4000~20000
Max.turning length mm  2800~11800 3800~18000
Pan of guideway mm 1100 1600/2090
SPINDLE Spindle bore mm 100 /
Range of spindle speeds r/min CKH:3~320 stepless
Chuck mm 1250/1400/1600 1600/1800
FEED Max.travel  mm 850 725/1000
TOOL POST&TAILSTOCK Turret working position   V4 V4
Section of tool shank mm 50x50 70×70
Dia. /Travel of tailstock quill mm 260/300 300/300
Taperhole of tailstock mm Metric 80 100/1:7
OTHERS Main power kw 30 75/144
Lathe mass kg 1500~34800 48000~118000
Length mm      6400-15400 15500-18500
Width/Height mm 3200/2220 ~2950 3500/2280~3250
CNC System   Fanuc/Siemens/Gsk

Manual heavy lathe:

ITEM UNIT CW61125/61140/61160/61250(10T/16T/32T)
CAPACITIES Swing over bed mm 1250~2500
Swing over carriage mm 865~2200
Max.length of workpiece mm 3000~20000
Max.turning length mm 2800 ~ 18000
Pan  of  guideway  mm 970 1100 1600
SPINDLE Dia.of spindle hole mm                                    100/130     /
Taper hole of spindle   Metric140 75°
Range of spindle speeds r/min 3.15~315 0.8~160
No.of spindle speeds   forward:21;  reverse:12 STEPLESS
Dia.chuck D mm / 1600/1800/2000
FEED Range of feed motion mm longitudinal:0.1~12;cross:0.05~6;         top siide:0.025~3 0.125~48;0.063~24
No. and range of metric thread   44;1~120 2~40
No. and range of inch thread   31;28~1/4 1~14
No. and range of module thread   45;0.5~60 1.5~20
TOOL POST&TAILSTOCK Max.travel of cross slide mm 650~900  
Max.travel of top slide mm 300 360 600
Section of tool shank mm 45(260x260) 50(380x380) 70
Dia./ Travel of tailstock mm 220/300 260/300(12″) 300/300
Taper hole of tailstock quill mm morse 6 Metric80 100(1:7)
OTHERS Main motor power kw 22 30 75
Length mm 6020 ~ 15020 13577~21577
Width mm 1995~2515
Height mm 2175~2655
Max.weight of workpiece t 10 16 32


1. Heavy load, high precision, reasonable structure, wide adaptability and convenient operation.
2. Semi closed loop control system.
3. With super large bed and head box structure support to ensure the machine to run the best rigid when it cuts various parts.
4. The feed system is connected with the main drive through the optical bar.
5. High accuracy, long life and good retention.



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