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CNC lathe and pipe threading lathes.

Heavy Duty Lathe

Heavy duty lathe machines

Heavy duty lathe machines

Heavy duty lathe machine: The heavy duty lathe including CNC heavy duty lathe and conventional heavy duty lathe: CNC hea...

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  • Heavy duty lathe machines:

    The heavy duty lathes including manual heavy duty lathe and cnc heavy duty lathes.
    This series of machine tools for the universal heavy duty lathe, it is suitable for high-speed steel and carbide cutting tools for different materials of the shaft parts, cylindrical and disc-shaped parts, turning the outer circle, end, cut, cut, boring , Car boring inside and outside the cone, and can use the knife (through the wheel) turning length of less than 600 mm of various threads and other processes. The load-bearing can achieve at 16/32/63 tons.


    Heavy duty lathe contains bed, headstock, turret and other materials are used strength cast iron, with good stability, high accuracy and maintain long-term heavy cutting.
    There has large bed headstock structure and support to ensure the operation of machine processing of various parts of the best cutting rigidity.
    The lathes are with different attachments can be processed for grinding, milling and surface axis.
    In the selection of high power spindle motor, high power, high torque even at low speed state can also achieve high precision heavy cutting.


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    +86 372 3700288
    +86 372 3700288

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