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Automatic production line of
CNC lathe and pipe threading lathes.

Drill pipe-drill collar production line

Drill Pipe & drill collar & oil pipe production line:

The production line for the processing and production of oil drill pipe, mainly divided into three steps, using the upsetting machine, heat treatment machines, pipe threading lathes and some other machines.
1.Host stiffness.
2.400T upsetting force.
3.256mm cavity.
4.The work range far more than other models.
5.The range of process diameter: 50mm-127mm.

STEP1: XHM400  hydraulic upsetting machine:

The upsetting production system is composed of upsetting machine mainframe, nesting auxiliary machine, hydraulic station and its piping system, gas station and its control piping system, intermediate frequency heating furnace head, intermediate frequency control cabinet, power cabinet and so on.
PLC control, the application of advanced photoelectric detection technology, to achieve the production automation, from the technical to ensure product quality stability, reliability.



                 Name unit HM400 YPD400B
Upsetting kN 4000 4000
Upsetting travel mm 800 800
Punching speed mm/s ≥ 157 ≥190
Upsetting speed kN 47 47
Clamping force kN 5608 5400
Upper and lower die opening degree mm 200 180
Dimensions mm 3910×3600×2360 3977×2597×2512
weight kg 21000 19000

STEP2: IF modulation line :

STEP3:Pipe threading lathe


The production line is suitable for processing varieties of drill pipe, drill collar, oil pipes, etc.


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+86 372 3700288

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