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Automatic production line of
CNC lathe and pipe threading lathes.

Drill Collar Production Line

Drill pipe-drill collar production line

Drill pipe-drill collar production line

Drill Pipe drill collar oil pipe production line: The production line for the processing and production of oil drillin...

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  • Drill pipe production line:

    The production line for the processing of oil drilling pipe and drill collar, mainly divided into three steps, using the upsetting machine, heat treatment machines, pipe threading lathes and some other machines. YPD hydraulic upsetting machine is widely used in oilfield, construction, bridge and other industries, is the preferred equipment to carry out large quantities, high precision upsetting forging the production, very suitable for round steel, steel pipe and other long rod.

    Features of hydraulic drill pipe upsetting machine:

    The host stiffness increases, 400T upsetting force, 256mm cavity, so that its working range far more than other models; due to the use of bilateral locking mechanism, balance tire plate slant  force to make its work more stable.
    Upsetting machine and robot combination is perfect; workpiece discharge, positioning, clamping more convenient, very strong product adaptability.
    Imported electrical components, to enhance the use of equipment performance; work pressure, stroke according to the process, need to be adjustable within the specified range.


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    +86 372 3700288
    +86 372 3700288

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