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Conventional lathe machine supplier

conventional lathes china manufacturer:

The conventional lathe machine is composed of bed, wheel box, spindle box, feed box, slide box, saddle, knife rack, tail rack and others. This series belong to manual horizontal lathes ,which are not only suitable for turning inside and outside of the cylindrical surface, conical surface and other rotating parts, but also can be used in a variety of metric, inch, modulus and thread machining etc.


ITEM  UNIT CW6163B/6180B/6194B CW6180/61100 CW61100B/61125B/61140B/61160B
CAPACITIES Swing over bed mm 630/800/940 800/1000 1000/1250/1400/1640
Swing over carriage mm 350/520/660 480/680 615/865/1015/1250
Max.length of workpiece mm 750~10000 1500~6000 1500~12000
Max.turning length mm 600~9850 1350~5850 1300~11800
Pan of guideway mm 550 600 755
SPINDLE Spindle nose   C11/C15 A2-15(8XM22)
Spindle bore mm 100/130/140
Taper hole of spindle   1:20/120/140
Range of spindle speeds r/min 6~1000 6~775    3.15~315
No.of spindle speeds   18/6 21
FEED No. and range of metric thread   50;1~240 44;1~120mm
No. and range of inch thread   26;14~1 31;28~1/4
No. and range of module thread   53;0.5~120 45;0.5~60mm
No. and range of dia. thread   24;28~1 38;1/2~56DP
TOOL POST & TAILSTOCK Max.travel of cross slide mm 440/540/570 500 520(20")/580(22")/630(24")
Max.travel of top slide mm 200 300
Section of tool shank mm 32(192x192) 32(202x202) 45(260x260)
Dia./Travel of tailstock  mm 100/250 100/250 160(6")/300(12")
Taper hole of tailstock quill mm morse5/morse6
OTHERS Main motor power kw 11 22
Length mm 2958~12275 3670~8260 4600~15100
Width mm 1393/1473/1430 1730 2150
Height mm 1537/1622/1690 1450 1700/1825/2150


Features of manual lathes:

1. The spindle box adopts symmetrical structure to avoid the deflection of spindle center.
2. High rigidity of whole lathe body.
3. Strong rigidity and high precision spindle.
4. Mature structure and stable performance.
5. It can process strong cast iron parts and cast steel parts with high precision.
6. High quality and low price.

Main configuration:

1. Bed rail width: 550mm/750mm.
2. Spindle head Model: C11/C15.
3. Spindle bore: 100/130/140mm
4. Taper hole of tailstock quill: Morse5/Morse 6.
5. 1.5 meters above will configure the center frame.


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+86 372 3700288
+86 372 3700288

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