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Conventional Lathe Machine

Conventional lathe machine supplier

Conventional lathe machine supplier

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  • Introduction of horizontal conventional lathe:

    This series of lathes is suitable for all kinds of turning work, such as turning inside and outside cylindrical surface, conical surface, other turning surface, end face, processing a variety of commonly used threads - such as metric, inch, modulus, diameter thread and drilling, Tapping, tipping trunking and so on. The machine can process steel, cast iron and non-ferrous metals and other materials.
    When the machine is finished, the roundness error is not more than 0.01mm, the cylinder degree error is not more than 0.04mm in the measuring length of 300mm; the torsion plane bed, the high quality cast iron is carefully manufactured and the induction hardening of the guide surface is precision, Bed width of 550/600mm; by the Teflon rail flexible rail composed of rails wear-resistant, vibration absorption, precision retention is good; there are three support structure on spindle, high rigidity, high precision, can be strong cutting. Spindle through the hole for the Ф100mm large hole; 18 wide speed range, you can choose a more reasonable speed; can be directly turning metric and inch thread; slide box has a fast moving body.

    Features of conventional lathe:

    Large low frequency torque and smooth output; High performance vector control; The dynamic response of torque is fast with high precision and stability; Strong anti-interference ability.


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    +86 372 3700288
    +86 372 3700288

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