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CNC lathe and pipe threading lathes.

Professional CNC lathe machine manufacturer

High speed cnc lathe machines:

This series are economical and practical CNC lathes, which are not only suitable for all kinds of complex shape of the shaft, sets, disk parts of the internal and external surfaces, conical surface, but also can be used in automotive, petroleum, military and other mechanical processing. The lathe has advantages such as high efficiency, low scrap rate, good consistency, etc.
CKB series economic practical CNC lathe adopts the whole bed, guide rail width of 600 mm, with a half closed loop control function, is widely applied in industries such as automobile, petroleum, military industry machining of large parts.


ITEM UNIT CK6142/52 CK6163/80/94 CKB6180/100 CK61100/125/160
CAPACITIES Swing over bed mm 420/520 630/800/940 800/1000 1000~1640
Swing over carriage mm 230/300 340/510/650 480/680 630/880/1250
Max.length of workpiece mm 500~3000 750~6000 1000~6000 1500~6000
Max.turning length mm 350~2830 600~5850 850~5850 1230/2730/4730
Pan of guideway mm 350/400 550 600 755
SPINDLE Spindle nose   A2-6/A2-8 C11 C11/C15(Optional) A2-15
Spindle bore mm 66/52/80 100 100/140(Optional) 130
Range of spindle speeds r/min 0~2000 ≤1000 6~8000 3.15~315
Chuck mm 200/250 325 400 4-jaw 1000
FEED Rapid speeds mm/min 4000/5000 3000/6000 4000/5000 3000/6000
Max.travel of X mm 220/280 390/475 420 520/580/630
TOOL POST&TAILSTOCK Turret working position    V4(V6/H6/H8/V8 Optional)
Section of tool shank mm 25X25 32X32 40X40 40X40
Taperhole of tailstock mm MT4/Morse5/Morse6
OTHERS Main power kw 7.5 11 15 22
Lathe mass kg 1800~4200 5100~10400 4800~8250 9000/11000/13000
Length mm 2300~5040 3200~8580 3605~8485 4500/6000/8000
Width mm 1500 1800 2219 2435
Height mm 1500~1800 1800~2010 1830~2010 2300~2600
CNC System   Fanuc/Siemens/Gsk

Features of cnc lathes:

  1. Easy operation

  2. Reasonable structure

  3. Attractive price

  4. Maintenance simple

  5. High efficiency

  6. Automatic control


Standard configuration:

1.The control system uses GSK 980T, can be changed to Fanuc or Siemens..

2.The main motor adopts domestic frequency conversion motor 15kw/22Kw.

3.The X / Z motor adopts servo motor.

4.The tool holder adopts vertical four-position electric knife holder.(V6/V8 optional).

5.X / Z direction uses domestic famous precision ball screw.

7.Manual jaw self-centering chuck.

8.Manual tailstock.

9.Spindle hydraulic automatic four gear speed, stepless speed within the file speed.

10.The main electrical components adopt Schneider brand. 


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+86 372 3700288
+86 372 3700288

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