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Automatic production line of
CNC lathe and pipe threading lathes.

Complete Brass valve production line

High efficiency brass valve production line:

The complete production line consists of brass rod making machines, brass forging machines, CNC lathes and assembly line. It can produce the valves from scrap cooper material. The brass making machines including melting furnace, temperature keeping furnace, automatic cutting machine and so on. The manufacturing process are as follows:
Step 1: The brass rod making machines process copper rod from scrap copper material.
Step 2: The automatic valve hot forging machine is a high efficient automatic machine which produce variety shapes of semi-finished product(valve blanks).
Step 3: Finally turning the valve blanks into finish products. 

The production process:

 1. Brass rod horizontal continuous casting production process is as follows:

Raw material→Melting furnace→Holding furnace→Traction→Automatic cutting machine→Hydraulic drawing machine→Peeling→Finished product brass rod.

2. Brass valve blank forging process:

3. CNC lathe machining


Model Blanks weight (g) Productivity (n/min) MotorPower (KW) Frequency furnace power(KW) Machine weight (KG) Machine size L*W*H (mm)
ZW-TA06             30 70 4 50 2500 2150X1100X1100
ZW-TA08 50 70 7.5 60 5000 4200X1500X1450
ZW-TA10 100 70 15 80 8000 4900X1850X1820
ZW-TA12 120 70 18.5 100 10000 5000X1900X1800
ZW-TA16 160 65 22 120 12000 5600X1900X1950
ZW-TA20 200 60 30 150 15000 5800X1950X1900
ZW-TA30 250 60 30 200 18000 5800X2000X1900




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+86 372 3700288
+86 372 3700288

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