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Automatic production line of
CNC lathe and pipe threading lathes.

Brass Valve Production Line

Complete Brass valve production line

Complete Brass valve production line

High efficiency brass valve production line: The complete production line consists of brass rod making machines, brass f...

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  • Brass valve production line:

    The complete brass valve production line is composed of Brass rod making machines, Automatic brass forging machines, CNC lathe machines and assembly line equipment. We can customize the production line for different requirements, the productivity will be improved by the full automatic feeding device.


    The production line can be designed for brass valve body, air-conditioning nuts, communication valve hand wheel, plumbing joints, copper hex nuts, copper nuts, wire, outer wire, wire, spool, Variants, joints, joint caps, single joints, forging nuts, air-conditioning cut-off valve, spool, water pressure cap, valves, and caps, plugs and so on.

    Advantages of brass valve production line:

    High level of automation: it can realize whole-process automation.
    High production efficiency: the work efficiency is five times as high as the normal vertical machine, and the productivity is 30 to 100 workpieces per minute (depending on the size of the product). Low Labor Cost: One person operate several machines, compared with the traditional manufacturing process can save 6-7 labors.


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    +86 372 3700288
    +86 372 3700288

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