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Automatic production line of
CNC lathe and pipe threading lathes.

Vertical CNC Lathe CK514A/CK516/CK518

 Vertical CNC Lathe CK514A/CK516/CK518

CK514A/CK516/CK518 serious CNC vertical lathes are universal CNC vertical lathes, which are manufactured following the market demand, absorbing the home and abroad peer’s advanced technology, according to the international market latest trend to CNC vertical lathes. It applies to processing various complex spindles, jackets, disk, as well as interior lathe, external cylinder, conical face, arc, end face, grooving, chamfer, drilling hole, expanding hole, threads cutting. Especially for processing medium and small batch products. What’s more, it is with convenient installation, high processing efficiency, and low crap rate, good consistent in finished products, easy programming, and simple operation. Also it can decrease the request to worker’s technology. In a word, it is the ideal machine equipment for cars, motorbikes and other industries for short spindles, disc processing.


Item Unit CK514 CK516 CK518
Swing over bed MM 520 800 1000
Max.turning diameter MM 400 600 800
Max.turning height MM 250 600 800
Range of spindle speed r/min 50-2000 45-1000 50-2000
Chuck diameter mm 400 500 630
Spindle nose   A2-11 A2-11 A2-15
Spindle bore mm   160 200
Stroke of X-axis mm   50-500 50-800
Stroke of Z-axis mm 450 650 850
Rapid of X-axis m/min 15 12 10
Rapid of Z-axis m/min 15 12 10
Workpiece accuracy mm IT6-IT7 IT6-IT7 IT6-IT7
Positioning accuracy mm 0.018/0.02 0.018/0.02 0.018/0.02
Repeat accuracy  mm 0.006/0.01 0.006/0.01 0.006/0.01
Type of tool post    Horizontal 8-position Vertical 6-position Vertical 6-position
Shank external tool mm   32×32 32×32
Boring tool mm Φ32,Φ40,Φ50 Φ32,Φ40,Φ50 Φ32,Φ40,Φ50
Main motor kw 28.8 15 30/37
Servo motor of X kw   2.5 4
Servo motor of Z kw   2.5 4
Motor of cooling pump kw 1.1 1.1 1.1
Overall diamensions:L mm   3340 2642
Overall diamensions:W mm   2630 3478
Overall diamensions:H mm   3060 3638
Net weight kg   12000 15000
Acceptance   1.JB/T9895.A-1999 2.JB/T9895.A-1999 1.JB/T9895.A-1999 2.JB/T9895.A-1999 1.JB/T9895.A-1999 2.JB/T9895.A-1999


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+86 372 3700288
+86 372 3700288

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