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Spherical lathe

Spherical lathe applies to turning ball valve and external ball face, the spherical diameter range is from 550mm to1800mm. Besides it can complete finish turning, half finished turning, grinding crafts. The ball valve machining lathe is normal lathe.
Introduction of globe cutting lathe structure
1.The spindle of ball turning lathe is deigned with three bracing structure, which keeps the work-piece in exact position firmly, reduces the production error, increases the precision.
2.The lathe bed adopts rectangular guide rail, which is not only for positioning the long work-piece, but also for the high stability and high rigidity of work-piece.
3.Tool stock is made of nodular cast iron, which is wear resisting and with high rigidity. Its swivel angle of toolpost is±90°or ±55°.
Last but not least, Sphere cutting lathe can be customized according to clients requests.
    Our company, An Yang xin heng machine tool com, ltd, which specializes in manufacturing various lathes: spherical valve turning lathe, oil country lathe, normal or CNC heavy duty lathe and mini lathe. And it is of advanced production technology and experience, excellent R&D team. All in all, we will do our best to provide the high quality products for clients.  


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+86 372 3700288
+86 372 3700288

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