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Spherical lathe is specially for machining ball valve and its external surface.

Spherical lathe is specially for machining ball valve and its external surface. The max machining spherical diameter range is from 550mm-1800mm, the min is 50mm-1200mm. Besides ball cutting  lathe can achieve fine turning, semi-finished turning, and grinding. Also Sphere turning lathe can be used as normal lathe.

Ball machining lathe is horizontal lathe, the bed is rectangular, which is stable and anti vibration. The spindle has three bracing structure, which tightly hold the workpieces, and therefore efficiently decreases production error. In addition, Circular tool post lathe has a manual tailstock, which can brace the longer workpiece.

Spherical cutting lathe has a automatic lubrication, which can prevent chuck from damaging, prolong the service-life of ball turning machine.
Considering client’s requests to different workpiece size and usage, our company will customize what our clients really need. Because  we have progressive production technology, abundant exported experience, we have confidence in producing high quality, high production efficiency sphere machining lathe with competitive price for clients. Welcome customers to search our official internet: www.lathemachinetool.com.


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+86 372 3700288
+86 372 3700288

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