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The spherical lathe is mainly for processing the spherical surface

The spherical lathe is mainly for processing the spherical surface, and the ball valve surface. It is also called ball turning lathe. It can achieve both spherical rough machining, and refined grinding. What’s more, the spherical lathe can be used as common lathe, such as processing cylinder and so on.
 The spherical lathe bed has a stable structure, and high rigidity. It’s processing diameter range is 550mm-1800mm. Besides, it is easy to operate, and convenient to maintain. The ball turning lathe has a precise design, high rigidity structure, beautiful appearance, and reasonable price. It is the perfect lathe for machining ball surface.
The spherical lathe is composed of three essential parts: 1. spindle box, which is also called headstock, the key part of the lathe; 2. feeding box, where the material can be fed for cutting; 3. slip board box, which is a box that control the movement of the lathe.
Our company manufactures the spherical lathe according to the market demand, we provide the high quality and high rigidity products for our clients. Moreover, we have professional team to offer after-sale service. If you want more spherical lathe information, welcome to contact us.


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+86 372 3700288
+86 372 3700288

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